Draft Preliminary Agreement
Anche in italiano

This page showcases the content of a standard preliminary agreement that we use. The preliminary agreement is the first agreement you will sign with your landlord, before making the initial payments for your apartment, and before signing the full rent contract at the handover of keys to the apartment.

You may find more details on how to rent any of our apartments on the Request to Rent page.

You may also download this draft preliminary agreement by clicking here.

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________________, born on ________________in ________________, Codice Fiscale ________________

(The Landlord)

________________, born on ________________in ________________

(The Tenant)

Whereas that:

  • The Landlord holds a unit located in Milano, ________________

  • The Tenant would like to rent the unit from ________________

  • Now therefore:

  • The Landlord is committed to rent to The Tenant from ________________ the unit located in Milano ________________, at the price of € ________________ as monthly rent including condominium expenses; consumption expenses for electricity and gas to be covered by the Tenant; security deposit € ________________.

  • The Tenant agrees to transfer to the Landlord, at the signature of the present agreement, the amount of € ________________ as security deposit.

  • The Parties undertake to subscribe by ________________ to the official lease agreement in Italian language, with conditions as above, minimum stay of __ months, cancellation time of __ months in advance.

  • The Tenant obliges herself / himself to communicate to the Landlord, within ________________, her / his Italian Fiscal Code (Codice Fiscale), document necessary for the signature and registration of the rent agreement.

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